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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Kannauj Pincode / Post Office Search (KANNAUJ, Uttar Pradesh)

Agaus B.O 209723KannaujUttar Pradesh
Amolar B.O 209731KannaujUttar Pradesh
Anaugi B.O 209733KannaujUttar Pradesh
Aruha B.O 209728KannaujUttar Pradesh
Asaltabad B.O 209720KannaujUttar Pradesh
Aseha B.O 209729KannaujUttar Pradesh
Auser B.O 209736KannaujUttar Pradesh
Bahadurpur Majhgaon B.O 209728KannaujUttar Pradesh
Bahbalpur B.O 209721KannaujUttar Pradesh
Bahosi B.O 209723KannaujUttar Pradesh
Balanpur B.O 209732KannaujUttar Pradesh
Bamrauli B.O 209731KannaujUttar Pradesh
Bangawan Kharg B.O 209728KannaujUttar Pradesh
Barauli B.O 209727KannaujUttar Pradesh
Basta B.O 209732KannaujUttar Pradesh
Bazaria Chhibramau S.O 209721KannaujUttar Pradesh
Behrin B.O 209732KannaujUttar Pradesh
Behta Rampur B.O 209728KannaujUttar Pradesh
Belamau Saraiya B.O 209723KannaujUttar Pradesh
Bhadausi B.O 209734KannaujUttar Pradesh
Bhadehi B.O 209720KannaujUttar Pradesh
Bhagwantpur B.O 209723KannaujUttar Pradesh
Bhaunrajpur B.O 209720KannaujUttar Pradesh
Bhunna B.O 209734KannaujUttar Pradesh
Bibia Jalalpur B.O 209729KannaujUttar Pradesh
Binaura Rampur B.O 209736KannaujUttar Pradesh
Birpur B.O 209747KannaujUttar Pradesh
Chanderpur B.O 209729KannaujUttar Pradesh
Chapunna B.O 209728KannaujUttar Pradesh
Chhibramau S.O 209721KannaujUttar Pradesh
Chhipatti S.O 209725KannaujUttar Pradesh
Dadauna B.O 209747KannaujUttar Pradesh
Deodha B.O 209738KannaujUttar Pradesh
Dundwabuzurg B.O 209722KannaujUttar Pradesh
Fatehpur B.O 209733KannaujUttar Pradesh
Ferozpur B.O 209738KannaujUttar Pradesh
Galla Mandi CBR B.O 209721KannaujUttar Pradesh
Gangemau B.O 209727KannaujUttar Pradesh
Godhani B.O 209727KannaujUttar Pradesh
Gugrapur B.O 209733KannaujUttar Pradesh
Gulariyapur B.O 209728KannaujUttar Pradesh
Gurusahaiganj S.O 209722KannaujUttar Pradesh
Gyaspur B.O 209728KannaujUttar Pradesh
Hamirpur B.O 209736KannaujUttar Pradesh
Haraipur B.O 209736KannaujUttar Pradesh
Hariharpur B.O 209720KannaujUttar Pradesh
Haseran B.O 209728KannaujUttar Pradesh
Hathin B.O 209721KannaujUttar Pradesh
Ibrahimpur Zagir B.O 209727KannaujUttar Pradesh
Indergarh S.O (Kannauj) 209723KannaujUttar Pradesh
Ishampur B.O 209728KannaujUttar Pradesh
Ismailpur B.O 209722KannaujUttar Pradesh
Jafrabad B.O 209721KannaujUttar Pradesh
Jalalabad S.O (Kannauj) 209733KannaujUttar Pradesh
Jalalpur Panwara B.O 209727KannaujUttar Pradesh
Jankhat B.O 209736KannaujUttar Pradesh
Jasmai B.O 209720KannaujUttar Pradesh
Jaspura Pur B.O 209727KannaujUttar Pradesh
Jeramau Alampur B.O 209731KannaujUttar Pradesh
Jewan B.O 209733KannaujUttar Pradesh
Jot B.O 209720KannaujUttar Pradesh
K. P. Banwari B.O 209721KannaujUttar Pradesh
Kaitholi B.O 209720KannaujUttar Pradesh
Kalsan B.O 209723KannaujUttar Pradesh
Kannauj S.O 209725KannaujUttar Pradesh
Kannauj Samachar S.O 209725KannaujUttar Pradesh
Kasawa B.O 209721KannaujUttar Pradesh
Khadini B.O 209728KannaujUttar Pradesh
Khairnagar S.O 209736KannaujUttar Pradesh
Khama B.O 209734KannaujUttar Pradesh
Khanpur B.O 209738KannaujUttar Pradesh
Khojipur B.O 209721KannaujUttar Pradesh
Khubariapur B.O 209721KannaujUttar Pradesh
Kiratpur B.O 209733KannaujUttar Pradesh
Kisai Jagdishpur B.O 209728KannaujUttar Pradesh
Kudhina B.O 209738KannaujUttar Pradesh
Kulhapur B.O 209733KannaujUttar Pradesh
Kushum Khor B.O 209727KannaujUttar Pradesh
Lakh B.O 209723KannaujUttar Pradesh
Lohamarh B.O 209732KannaujUttar Pradesh
Lokpur B.O 209720KannaujUttar Pradesh
Madhonagar B.O 209731KannaujUttar Pradesh
Madhpura B.O 209723KannaujUttar Pradesh
Mahteypurwa B.O 209732KannaujUttar Pradesh
Majhpurwa B.O 209722KannaujUttar Pradesh
Majhupur B.O 209747KannaujUttar Pradesh
Makrand Nagar S.O 209726KannaujUttar Pradesh
Malikapur B.O 209727KannaujUttar Pradesh
Matauli B.O 209733KannaujUttar Pradesh
Mawai Bilwari B.O 209738KannaujUttar Pradesh
Merapur Garhiya B.O 209721KannaujUttar Pradesh
Mighauli B.O 209721KannaujUttar Pradesh
Mirgawan Ki Garhi B.O 209733KannaujUttar Pradesh
Miruan Marha B.O 209738KannaujUttar Pradesh
Mitra Senpur B.O 209727KannaujUttar Pradesh
Miyaganj B.O 209727KannaujUttar Pradesh
Mohanpur Ratanpur B.O 209722KannaujUttar Pradesh
Muraiya Buzurg B.O 209727KannaujUttar Pradesh
Murra B.O 209728KannaujUttar Pradesh
Nademau B.O 209728KannaujUttar Pradesh
Nandlalpur B.O 209721KannaujUttar Pradesh
Naugai B.O 209721KannaujUttar Pradesh
Nauli B.O 209729KannaujUttar Pradesh
Nazrapur Patti B.O 209727KannaujUttar Pradesh
Nera B.O 209727KannaujUttar Pradesh
Nigoh B.O 209721KannaujUttar Pradesh
Nizampur B.O 209728KannaujUttar Pradesh
Painda Bad B.O 209727KannaujUttar Pradesh
Paraur B.O 209747KannaujUttar Pradesh
Patti B.O 209734KannaujUttar Pradesh
Prempur B.O 209721KannaujUttar Pradesh
Pura Rai B.O 209723KannaujUttar Pradesh
Rampur Majhila B.O 209738KannaujUttar Pradesh
Rohili B.O 209735KannaujUttar Pradesh
Rura B.O 209734KannaujUttar Pradesh
Sakatpur B.O 209728KannaujUttar Pradesh
Sakrawa S.O 209747KannaujUttar Pradesh
Salempur B.O 209731KannaujUttar Pradesh
Salempur B.O 209747KannaujUttar Pradesh
Samdhin B.O 209722KannaujUttar Pradesh
Sarai Prayag S.O 209735KannaujUttar Pradesh
Sarai Theku B.O 209728KannaujUttar Pradesh
Saraimira S.O 209727KannaujUttar Pradesh
Sarifabad B.O 209747KannaujUttar Pradesh
Sataura B.O 209731KannaujUttar Pradesh
Saunsarapur B.O 209733KannaujUttar Pradesh
Saurikh S.O 209728KannaujUttar Pradesh
Simaria B.O 209736KannaujUttar Pradesh
Sursi B.O 209734KannaujUttar Pradesh
Tahpur B.O 209731KannaujUttar Pradesh
Talgram S.O 209731KannaujUttar Pradesh
Tera Jaket B.O 209735KannaujUttar Pradesh
Tera Rabbu B.O 209722KannaujUttar Pradesh
Teramallu B.O 209727KannaujUttar Pradesh
Thathia S.O 209734KannaujUttar Pradesh
Tidiyapur B.O 209727KannaujUttar Pradesh
Tirwa Ganj B.O 209732KannaujUttar Pradesh
Tirwa S.O 209732KannaujUttar Pradesh
Todarpur B.O 209720KannaujUttar Pradesh
Umarda S.O 209738KannaujUttar Pradesh
Umrain B.O 209736KannaujUttar Pradesh
Uncha B.O 209722KannaujUttar Pradesh